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Wildlife trapping comprises a significant part of modern research methods.

Aquila's traps in way supplement our product offer. From the perspective of the solutions offered by our company as well as the concept of full scientific research support they constitute a fully natural extension of the products' spectrum.

The traps we offer are results of years of field work. During this time various models and solutions have been tested. As the result we have the ability to offer quality products which can be distinquished by high degree of reliability even in tough field conditions. This offer has been enhanced by the latest technology electronic devices delivering multifunctional options to the customer.

The main emphasis has been put on trapping birds which by possesing the flight ability are most difficult to catch.
Aquila offers different types of solutions:

1. Ground traps.

We offer wide variety of ground traps, from bownets to square-shaped.

Bownet traps are the largest traps offered by Aquila. They can reach 5 meters in diameter. As standard we offer 2,5 or 3,5 meter models. They are designed mainly to trap large birds of prey. Modular construction facilitates transfer as the whole trap can easily be carried in a handy bag.

Square traps are smaller units (maximum 150 cm in length). They can be set up horizontally on the ground or be raised from one side in order to extend the overall height. The trap is designed to trap smaller raptors as well as other bird species.

2. Pole traps.

Aquila's pole traps can be fitted to any kind of mast, suitable tree top or most often artificially erected poles used by birds for resting or hunting. Two types of pole traps have been developed:

spring traps - the perching bird is trapped between two net wings

loop traps - a string or fishing line is tightened up around bird's legs

3. Remote control devices and systems.

Electronic devices developed by Aquila enable to control and release all kinds of above mentioned trap types. Standard units allow release functionality within up to 500 meters range in the field. But our offer extends far beyond that, as we provide various additional options and functions, among which are:

a) increase of the remote control unit's operating range to virtually any desired number

b) release of several traps by means of one control unit

c) release of one trap by means of several control units

d) use of various sensors and detectors in order to release the trap automatically

e) use of cameras for remote monitoring of the traps

f) use of various mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets, laptops) as trap's monitoring/releasing devices

Such variety of options offers many possibilities enabling trapping wildlife even from the other side of the planet.

4. Ornithological nets/Mistnets

Aquila offers a wide variety of high quality and durable mistnets. From delicate ones used for trapping passerines to strong and reliable for trapping eagles. In all possible sizes, configurations and number of shelves.

5. Nets.

We offer nets in various types, shapes and sizes. In the production process the main emphasis has been put on durability.

Important: We also manufacture traps based on customer's ideas.

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