AquilaSystem is a concept of supporting scientific projects as well as any scientific research, with special emphasis on the requirements of the group work. The key feature is data consolidation within every aspect of data collection, storage, analysis and presentation. AquilaSystem's objective is to centralize as many steps of scientific research' process as possible in order to optimize the research team's work time, thus targeting it's efforts on scientific aspects and eliminating time consuming in-depth mastering of more and more complex tools offered in modern data analysis process.

Based on modular structure, AquilaSystem offers full freedom of component selection as well as their usage, development and exchange, ensuring user friendly and homogeneous environment, and yet, unlike other products on the market, remaining open for exchange of the collected data with different third-party tools by offering various import and export features within every stage of the scientific project.

Multilingual is a keyword which becomes more and more meaningful as the borders of the modern world fade away. AquilaSystem does not remain indifferent in that aspect enabling configuration of user interface in practically every language of the planet without interfering in the scientific data collected.

AquilaSystem is one of the most universal solution on the market. Being an internet application, the only system requirements remain a web browser and an internet connection, which directly influences not only the project's costs, but also the ability of free selection of access devices, solving the problem of  technical environment maintenance and data access within multiple projects, both current as well as the past ones.

As a whole AquilaSystem presents a separate product. Various modules can be part of our company's hardware offer. On demand custom modules can also be prepared.

Available modules:


The "AquilaSystem-GPS" module is world's unique concept of approaching scientific research based on data collected by animal tracking devices utilizing the GPS technology. As the first on the planet, the "Aquila" company offers a complex tool which enables visualisation of such data. Visualisation is not all, as the module enables various analyses options as well as presentation of the analyses' results, a revolutionary solution on the telemetry market. Together with the "Aquila" dataloggers, the "AquilaSystem-GPS" module becomes a fully comprehensive tool, conforming to the company's concept of supporting scientific research by relieving researchers of arduous and time-comsuming efforts connected with the preparation and analysis of collected data.

Available from any web browser, the "AquilaSystem-GPS" module offers real-time monitoring of the current position, occupied territory or migratory route of the tracked individual, or even a group of individuals, on a map. Advanced filtering enables specifying various time intervals as well as fixed time frames thanks to its complex functions, which facilitates acquisition of desired visualisations or analyses results at a latter stage. The scientific data is also available in table form.

Automatically perfomed by the "AquilaSystem-GPS" module standard analyses are presented to the user in real-time. Other, more advanced analyses can be performed by means of user friendly wizards. Furthermore, a unique feature of analyses' comparison is being offered. The comparisons can be performed on both individual's and time frame's level. The results of all analyses and comparisons can be presented in numeric form as well as charts, which constitutes a real breakthrough solution in the telemetry field. Both the forms and the charts can be then exported as files for publications or presentations.

Forms and charts are not all. The module offers GIS-analysis function, so far available only in sophisticated and expensive applications. By means of user-friendly wizards it is now possible to perform complicated calculations of territory used by monitored objects and, within a few mouse-clicks, obtain latest results in form of both numeric values and map visualization.

Maintaining a high level of security by for instance encrypted connection (active also during map display), the "AquilaSystem-GPS" module remains open for data processing by means of other solutions available on the market. The data displayed on maps as well as in tables can easily be exported to files in popular formats for presentations and publications, or for further analyses in third-party tools. The same concerns the results of the analyses performed by the module. The compability remains also maintained in the other direction by enabling data collected with other tools to be imported to the module. This option secures performance of coherent analysis within longer periods of time.

The "AquilaSystem-GPS" module is being offered free of charge with every "Aquila" datalogger as a completion of the solution. The module can also be purchased as part of the "AquilaSystem" solution or as a separate, homogeneous tool. The range of the available analyses and charts can be adjusted according to customers' needs.

Wildlife trapping comprises a significant part of modern research methods.

Aquila's traps in way supplement our product offer. From the perspective of the solutions offered by our company as well as the concept of full scientific research support they constitute a fully natural extension of the products' spectrum.

The traps we offer are results of years of field work. During this time various models and solutions have been tested. As the result we have the ability to offer quality products which can be distinquished by high degree of reliability even in tough field conditions. This offer has been enhanced by the latest technology electronic devices delivering multifunctional options to the customer.

The main emphasis has been put on trapping birds which by possesing the flight ability are most difficult to catch.
Aquila offers different types of solutions:

1. Ground traps.

We offer wide variety of ground traps, from bownets to square-shaped.

Bownet traps are the largest traps offered by Aquila. They can reach 5 meters in diameter. As standard we offer 2,5 or 3,5 meter models. They are designed mainly to trap large birds of prey. Modular construction facilitates transfer as the whole trap can easily be carried in a handy bag.

Square traps are smaller units (maximum 150 cm in length). They can be set up horizontally on the ground or be raised from one side in order to extend the overall height. The trap is designed to trap smaller raptors as well as other bird species.

2. Pole traps.

Aquila's pole traps can be fitted to any kind of mast, suitable tree top or most often artificially erected poles used by birds for resting or hunting. Two types of pole traps have been developed:

spring traps - the perching bird is trapped between two net wings

loop traps - a string or fishing line is tightened up around bird's legs

3. Remote control devices and systems.

Electronic devices developed by Aquila enable to control and release all kinds of above mentioned trap types. Standard units allow release functionality within up to 500 meters range in the field. But our offer extends far beyond that, as we provide various additional options and functions, among which are:

a) increase of the remote control unit's operating range to virtually any desired number

b) release of several traps by means of one control unit

c) release of one trap by means of several control units

d) use of various sensors and detectors in order to release the trap automatically

e) use of cameras for remote monitoring of the traps

f) use of various mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets, laptops) as trap's monitoring/releasing devices

Such variety of options offers many possibilities enabling trapping wildlife even from the other side of the planet.

4. Ornithological nets/Mistnets

Aquila offers a wide variety of high quality and durable mistnets. From delicate ones used for trapping passerines to strong and reliable for trapping eagles. In all possible sizes, configurations and number of shelves.

5. Nets.

We offer nets in various types, shapes and sizes. In the production process the main emphasis has been put on durability.

Important: We also manufacture traps based on customer's ideas.

Aquila's GPS/GSM dataloggers are highly specialised devices supporting research of habitat preferences, territories and movements of animals. Thanks to the latest technology solutions implemented already at the project's stage we have the ability to offer wide range of devices adjusted to the client's needs in terms of both physical parameters as well as functionality.

The solar powered dataloggers offer, apart from standard functionality like the geographical coordinates collection, capability of gathering additional information such as altitude, speed and course. Thanks to its modular structure, installation of a wide variety of additional sensors and functions can be performed, facilitating the collection of suitable research' data which, transferred from the device by means of the GSM telephony network, allows implementation for further storage, analysis and end-user presentation by means of the "AquilaSystem-GPS" module - world-wide pioneer solution for telemetry data visualisation, part of the "AquilaSystem" concept.

The use of the mobile telephony network (GSM) resulted in a huge cut in the data acquisition costs and enabled device's monitoring as well as the configuration to be performed remotely without the necessity of re-capturing the animal.

Access to the latest vehicle design technologies facilitates optimalisation of the Aquila datalogger's housing from both motoric and aerodynamic perspective, allowing not only to sustain the minimal device's physical parameters but also to consider tracked animal's comfort already at the design stage.

Compared to other solutions available on the market, Aquila's GPS/GSM dataloggers offer a massive (over 100 times) increase in data acquisition frequency, reducing by 2/3rd the costs of both the device and the data transfer.


Standard technical parameters:

  • weight: from 20g
  • power: solar charged battery
  • communication: GSM mobile telephony network
  • data type collection: geographical coordinates, altitude, speed
  • data acquisition frequency: every 3 minutes daily, up to 2 seconds over shorter periods of time
  • data transfer frequency: every 3 minutes daily, up to real time data transfer mode over shorter periods of time
  • night mode: data acquisition frequency every 2 hours
  • cycles: remote configuration
  • communication: use of local gsm providers' connetions possibility (no roaming costs)
  • housing: light, aerodynamic and habitat-friendly
  • modules: various sensor/modules
  • fitting: various fitting methods


Advantages over standard satellite transmitters:

  • high data acquisition frequency
  • high data transfer frequency
  • low purchase cost
  • low data acquisition costs
  • remote configuration, including switching on/off the night mode
  • innovative data visualisation and analysis module "AquilaSystem-GPS"

Price: 800 euro net.


Available models:

21g21-gram logger by Aquila.

  • Dedicated for birds with minimum weight of 700g
  • Developed to reduce the dimensions and weight to the minimum
  • Outside dimensions (without brackets): 59x28x16,5mm
  • Mounting type: backpack


26-gram logger by Aquila.25g

  • Dedicated for birds with minimum weight of 830g
  • Developed to reduce the surface with contact to bird's body as well as device's height
  • Large panel for improved battery loading efficiency in low light conditions
  • Big, efficient battery
  • Panel expanding beyond the device's shape on both sides in order to reduce the possibility of being covered by feathers
  • Outside dimensions bottom (without brackets): 59x28mm
  • Outside dimensions top (without brackets): 59x37x17,5mm
  • Mounting type: backpack


34-gram logger by Aquila.33g

  • Dedicated for birds with minimum weight of 1100g
  • Developed to reduce the surface with contact to bird's body as well as device's height
  • Two large panels for improved battery loading efficiency in prolonging low light conditions and/or low temperatures
  • Big, efficient battery
  • Panels expanding beyond the device's shape in three dimensions in order to reduce the possibility of being covered by even long feathers
  • Outside dimensions bottom (without brackets): 59x28mm
  • Outside dimensions top (without brackets): 85x44x17,5mm
  • Mounting type: backpack

Started in 2006 "Aquila" company now fully supports nature protection research projects, combining its experience from the IT business with the knowledge of nature protection issues, with main impact on the European Union projects on nature protection. We cover the technical part of the project, ensuring apropriate selection of the equipment, securing the gathered scientific data and enabling up-to-date access to the data for further analysis, in accordance with the EU requirements and visualising the course of the project on professionally designed internet portal.

We developed a database system for storing any type of the scientific data, providing modern, transparent and secure way of analysing it. Through integration with the project's portal the system enables various types of visualisation for different groups of audience.

From the rich offer of equipment we can name:

We can also offer support in scientific field works of any type.

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