GSE Henryk from the Polish Biebrza population.The results of long-year studies on the European population of the Greater Spotted Eagles Aquila clanga were recently published. This time the aim was to reseach the migration strategies. Aquila dataloggers were used within the studies.

The publication can be viewed here.



Fitted with our, almost invisible, logger. Therefore the device does not impeede the bird during flight. Photo: N. Bhatt.Here yet another report from our dataloggers.

Adult Egyptian Vulture right after fitting our logger in african Djibouti. Photo: M. McGrady.Spring has come. Time for update information from the field on how our dataloggers are performing.

Golden Eagle named Tonička and Bartosovice Rehab Centre worker Petr Orel moments before the release in 2018. Photo: Bartosovice Rehabilitation Centre.Today a story of the kind of fairy tale, or maybe a "happy end horror". For many years Czech Republic has implemented a reintroduction program for the Golden Eagle. In 2011 a young female was released within the project. Unfortunatelly she could enjoy the freedom for a coupleof years only. And again the reason was a hunter.

Today's "field" presentation of Aquila products in Saudi Arabia.Last November saw a good example of how Aquila loggers contribute to science - thanks to data from the devices researchers discovered new wintering grounds in Saudi Arabia with large concentrations of Steppe Eagles, a globally endangered species. Further monitoring confirmed the presence of 6700 Steppe Eagles in two places only. That could equate to about 10% of the world population of the species. In addition birds of prey of other species were also recorded in the area.

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