Fitted with our, almost invisible, logger. Therefore the device does not impeede the bird during flight. Photo: N. Bhatt.Here yet another report from our dataloggers.






The White-tailed Sea Eagle Haliaeetus albicilla

Vlad - Russian bird - sporadically sends some data. Worked for over 5 year. -1 compared to previous report. (edited 06.04.2021) Well, Vlad is still sending some data.

In 2016 2 loggers were fitted. They finished operating last year. -2 compared to last report.

In 2017 one unit was fitted and it is ending now its fourth year of operation. No change compared to last report.

In 2018 11 birds got our devices in various parts of Russia. Seven of them are just finishing the 3rd year of data transmission. No change.

In 2019 further 11 birds were fitted. 8 are still working. No change.

In 2020 6 birds were fitted. 4 are still operating.

Their movements can be followed on RRRCN page.

The Imperial Eagle Aquila heliaca

Eagnatz - female from Austria made a hoax and got rid of the logger which worked for some time afterwards. In total it worked for over 3 years. The female is ok and is flying without the logger. -1 compared to last report. (edited 23.04.2021) well, 4-year-old logger, after spending whole winter on the ground, is sending data again.

Two loggers fitted in 2017 are finishing the fourth year of work in Russia. No change here.

In 2018 further 5 loggers were used. 3 are working till now, and another one was sending locations from one spot in January. If this one does not send anymore, then -1 compared to last report.

In 2019 further 10 were fitted. 5 birds died, one logger has been silent since December. Another logger was found in the field. -2 compared to last report.

In 2020 one logger was reused on a juvenile bird and is working.

Some of the birds can be tracked on RRRCN page.

The Steppe Eagle Aquila nipalensis

Of 10 loggers fitted in 2018 seven are still operating. To the 2 dead birds another one was added recently, presumably eaten by a nomadic tribe in India. -1 compared to last report.

Of 11 loggers from 2019 a real disaster took place - 2 birds lost their lives, further 3 loggers have stopped sending data. Which this time coincides with the world decline trend noted for the species. For our birds the last 2 years were exeptional in this respect. -5 compared to last report.

In 2020 5 loggers were fitted. 4 are operating.

You can read more on Steppe Eagles on the blog and follow their movements on RRRCN page.

The Golden Eagle Aquila chrysaetos

Toničkais doing great. So does her logger. Since 2018. No change.

The Greater Spotted Eagle Aquila clanga

In 2019 5 birds were fitted. 2 of them died last year, loggers were collected.

The Egyptian Vulture Neophron percnopterus

In 2020 4 loggers were used. They are all fully operational.

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