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Makar is one of the White-tailed Eagles photographed during this year' winter. Photo: Sergei Domashevski.Our dataloggers operate as well in the difficult winter conditions, thus the bird can be found in the field and checked how he is coping with those theoretically unsuitable conditions. In addition an opportunity arises for researchers to make contacts on international level and exchange experiences on the field of nature conservation. And sometimes even beyond it.

That is how on 2nd of February a Ukrainian resercher Sergei Domashevski, using data provided by a Russian researcher Rinur Bekmansurov, had an oportunity in his homeland of taking photos of Makar - a juvenile White-tailed Eagle Haliaeetus albicilla. The bird was fitted with our 33g logger last summer in the Volga-Kama Nature Reserve and then migrated near the city of Kiev, where he was photographed. The distance in straigth line is some 1300 km, but the telemetry data reveil over 3600 km were covered.

Makar and other White-tailed Eagles can be tracked on the page of the Russian Raptor Research and Conservation Network.

A little bit earlier, in October 2018 another Russian White-tailed Eagle with our logger was accidentally photographed in the Belarus. These information was further published in social media.


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