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Steppe Eagles playing in the sky. Among them Khakas - Russian eagle with our logger. Kazakhstan 2019. Photo: Andrej Kovalenko.The breeding season is underway, so it is time for a bunch of infos about how our loggers operate in the field. And they operate quite ok.

Kazakh Steppe Eagle on the wintering grounds in India. Photo Nirav Bhatt.Steppe Eagles Aquila nipalensis have been fitted with our loggers since 2016. None of the birds has been observed in the field. Untill now, when last week in India Mr. Nirav Bhatt managed to photograph Kenjik - a juvenile bird fitted with the logger last summer in the nest in Kazakhstan.

For many years Russian scientist Miroslav Babushkin has been researching Ospreys in Russia. Photo: Oksana Demina.In the recent issue of ornithological journal "Ardeola" an article by M. Babushkin, A. Kuznetzov and M. del Mar Delgado entitled: "Autumn migratory patterns of north-west Russian Ospreys Pandion haliaetus" was published. It is the first ever Russian publication on Osprey's migration based on telemetry studies and the very first publication on Russian Ospreys in an international journal.

Makar is one of the White-tailed Eagles photographed during this year' winter. Photo: Sergei Domashevski.Our dataloggers operate as well in the difficult winter conditions, thus the bird can be found in the field and checked how he is coping with those theoretically unsuitable conditions. In addition an opportunity arises for researchers to make contacts on international level and exchange experiences on the field of nature conservation. And sometimes even beyond it.

The Steppe Eagle with our datalogger and a bunch of Omanian flies. Photo: M. McGrady.For this news we have been waiting for almost half a year. Fitted with our datalogger Steppe Eagle Aquila nipalensis started transmitting data again. After spending the winter in Oman, the bird started its spring migration towards the breeding grounds in Kazakhstan. As the gsm network is rather a luxury on the vast steppes, the contact with the bird was lost. Occasionally every 2 months we were receiving small portions of data that proved only that the bird was still alive. Apart from these sporadic moments the bird seemd to master how to avoid any contact with us.

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