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It is not a small bird. If the third person decides to hold the paper, the two others will only manage to unfold half of the bird. Photo J. GuidoHard to decide whether it's a positive or negative story.For us definitely interesting: in 2016 we started cooperation with argentinian ornithologists. The aim for us was to test our devices on the South American continent. First attempts turned unsuccessful, mainly due to unclear and somehow misleading contracts between gsm providers. After a series of failures we managed to obtain first test data from the New (for us) World. The next step seemed obvious and in November a juvenile Andean Condor Vultur gryphus was fitted with our datalogger. It is a real flying giant and one of the biggest birds of the planet, with up to 320 cm of wingspan and 15 kg of weight. Our joy however did not last long as shortly after releasing the bird left the gsm coverage area. No data were transmitted and the bird seemed lost forever. Until yesterday, when the first data finally arrived after almost a year of silence, pleasing both us (the logger is working!) and our argentinian  colleagues (the bird is alive!). The South America is conquered! Or maybe just a small piece of it.

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